Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I hate the world right now

This is one of the reasons why I HATE people,(AND MOSTLY COPS.) I just found out from our lawyer, that one of the (so-called) 'detectives' that helped mess our life up, is retiring, and will not be able to be 'depositioned'.(Interviewed?) This piece-o-s#*% was a K-9 officer, and had his dog with him etc. when everything happened to us. He was telling us that he was going to keep the dog etc. after he retired, because he 'loved' this dog so much,blah,blah,blah. (You get it, right?) Well I just found out that this so called assh*%# of a cop left this dog in his car with the windows rolled up and the dog he loved so damn much died. Can you believe a K-9 detective did this?! This is someone who should really, REALLY know better. What a frickin' pig this man is. Literally. Just add this to one more reason I hate cops, and people. I cried after my husband angrily told me this when he got off the phone. All day Monday I was so damn depressed and upset hearing about this. I really wonder how people like this are put in a position of authority, and if they are qualified, how they think things like this won't happen to them? I mean really. When this man was getting out of his car in 90 degree heat here in South Florida, did he really think he could leave that dog in there for any amount of time? How friggin' stupid and (un)educated do you have to be to not figure this out? I am so angry, outraged, and damn sad about this, it has kept me up at night. Thank you for listening, and letting me vent. This has been eating me alive since I found out. This from an officer, who told our lawyer how much he DISLIKED my husband and I for making them wait almost 8 hours to get a warrant to search our house. Please,.....he has room to talk. I hope some horrible thing happens to him. Something slow and painful. Maybe than he'll know what it was like for that poor, sweet animal he supposedly 'loved' so much. Pig.


merelyme said...

I think pig is too nice of an animal to call this idiot.

Little Ms Blogger said...

How can anyone do that? What a sick S.O.B..

Poor dog :-(

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Animal cruelty breaks my heart. That is the second story I have read on a blog today about something bad happening to dogs. I just want to save them all!