Friday, December 19, 2008

Please hold me back,before I beat someone!

So,....I drove out to the house today. It's total chaos there. The house is coming along,...but it's in shambles. What to do,-what to do. Driving there, I noticed some PRET-TAY BAD DRIVERS. Ya know what they ALL had in common?! ?! ***THEY ALL WERE TALKING ON THEIR CELLPHONES!*** I swear I'd like to beat someone silly,-(I can't say 'senseless' because they already ARE!) Can anyone be at a stoplight, and NOT dial, be talking, or texting on their cellphone? It is SO DAMN annoying, I'd like to take it away from them and throw it thru their windshield. I love when they swerve into your lane, and you beep, and get up next to them, and THEY GIVE YOU the dirty look. I just give them the finger, and hold my hand up like a phone and pretend I'm talking. (They get that confused look, and don't know what to do.) I smile my evil smile as I drive on. I hate these idiots. Not to mention when someone walks by you in say,...the grocery store, or Target, and they're talking away to what appears to be NO ONE, and they have that STUPID thing on their ear, and it looks like they are having a total conversation with NO ONE. (Yea, they need a straightjacket.) They talk so loud, that when they ask whoever they are talking to, a question, you are walking by, and think they are asking you, that. Then they give you a dirty look when you answer, not knowing they are on the phone, or you end up saying 'excuse me?' and that I-don't-know-what-you-are-talking-about-I-have-a-stick-up-my-ass look appears. (Oh, how I would love to have the strength of my husband, and hold them down and put that damn cellphone where that damn stick seems to be!!!) How have people,-once again,-become so rude, and annoying? Cellphones were one of the best things to be invented, and become available to all, but leave it to some, to make it BAD for everyone else. And I mean BAD-AWFUL.

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Sarah Elizabeth said...

I have a serious hatred for bluetooth thingys too. My mom has one and it DRIVES ME CRAZY. Everyone knows it is supposed to let you talk handsfree, right? Well my mom doesn't. She holds the phone up to her mouth when she has the bluetooth in her ear. I have tried time and time again to get her to stop this embarassing behavior but she insists that she can hear better with it. SIGH.