Friday, December 26, 2008

Are you kidding me?!

Well,'s the day after Christmas which my husband and I didn't really celebrate with gifts at all. We went to his sister's for dinner, and had a GREAT time. Thankfully. Much thanks I might add. It's been an extremely rough year for us, mentally, emotionally, and legally. (No explanation will be forthcoming,-just take it how you may.) Anyways,...on a more annoying note,...I went to the grocery store today,...everyone showing off their new loot they got for X-mas,...(which is very appropo,...)...and I got in line to pay and kinda looked around,(I love to people watch, sometimes to my horror,...)and I see this young lady,(30-ish at the most,) and she has enough groceries in her cart for a hockey team,...and she is talking on the cellphone,(which you know I just LOVE that,...)and trying to pay with a debit card that is apparently not 'going thru',....and she stays talking on the cellphone,...while the line is a mile long,...and the cashier is trying to tell her whats going on with her card, and she just keeps yapping away on that damn cell, not realizing what is going on around her, or that she is holding up this long line,etc,etc,etc. I look and shake my head and laugh to myself, and think,'she's lucky I'm not in that line, or she would have gotten an ear-full after I took that damn cellphone and threw it across the store'. I finally go back to reading all the Star and Enquiring headlines, and pay for my things, and get ready to go, when this same young lady walks by talking VERY LOUD and VERY INDIGNANT on her cell, saying,(and there are tears even!...)'I can't believe he told me to get off the phone, and that I was holding up the line!',....*loud sniffle*, '...'he told me to get off the phone',....and she glanced at me with that 'tell-me-I'm-right-to-be-upset-look', and I gave her one of my are-you-kidding-me-I-want-to-use-you-and-your-cellphone-for-target-practice looks.!!! (She got all huffy,----pffft, you think I care?) But. Are. You. Kidding. Me?! I mean c'mon people,.....I DON'T CARE if you got a new cellphone for X-mas,...use them on YOUR PRIVATE TIME,...the outrage in her voice somehow galled me to no end,....and further aggravated me all the way home, ----till I saw my cat, and everything was alright again. (Big relaxing sigh.) Thank god for kitties,....

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