Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Me,myself, and winter

I am sitting at our house here in C.Springs, waiting for a 'mold guy' to come start working. Yaay. I don't mind the time to myself,(while my husband is at our condo out east watching 'The Sopranos' on DVR and calling me every five minutes!) I can't wait to move back in here. After living in a house and then moving back to a highrise,(even if it is on the beach,) is NOT FUN. I WILL NEVER LIVE IN A HIGHRISE AGAIN. NEVER, EVER, EVER!!! It is ALWAYS something.Who is hammering, or slamming their door, or putting in a new floor, etc. Like I said, after living here at our house, I CAN'T WAIT to move back, even if we will be living here thru renovations. I don't even care. I love having a yard, pool,...garage,'s so unbelievably quiet too. NO COMPARISON AT ALL. Anyways,...the weather, and coming here has put me in a good mood. It's like 65 and breezy,....absolutely beautiful. To think, in the next year (or two,) my husband(who I will call 'the Man',) will be moving to somewhere in Canada. Whoo-boy,...I have no idea how that will be for me. I have lived down here since I was two years old. I really don't know any other weather. (I was born in New York, but really have no idea of living in cold weather.) SOOOOOO,....days like this makes me wonder what it will be like there. I have already bought winter clothes. I mean I have some from the 'winters'(?) from down here, when it gets in the 50's. I know, I know, the Man says I will be a riot when we move,....did I say we were moving to Canada? Egads,...I dunno' how I will adapt. Lotsa kitties, and dogs to cuddle with, I know that much! And thermals,....and heated socks,......and earmuffs,......and.........

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