Monday, October 3, 2011

However you wanna say it

I'm still here, and working, working, working. Had a quiet night when I got home from work yesterday. My husband had dinner in the oven, and we watched 'Breaking Bad'. (Unbelievable episode.) This whole year went by so fast, - I can't believe it's already October, and the big holidays are right around the corner. Thanksgiving I'm REALLY looking forward to, my brother and his wife are coming down from GA. and we are having it at my sisters, and everyone will be together for the first time in years,(minus one sister.) I'm VERY VERY excited. (Besides the fact that it's my FAVORITE holiday.) I cannot wait. I've been looking at real estate online up there in Fort Pierce/Vero Beach area and there are some great deals,...and I'm just trying to talk my husband into that,....we could sell this house and the condo on the beach and buy a place on the beach up there, and have the best of all worlds. (He hates change,) so trying to get him to even look at something is like pulling teeth. I will get him to come around when he sees some of the good deals out there right now,-especially on the ocean. (He thinks we'll never be able to get another place on the beach once we sell the one we have.) I'll keep trying because #1-I really want to live closer to my family, and now that they live in one area is the time to do it, #2-we NEED to get out of this house of horrors, and get on with our lives,-living here just makes us depressed and makes me ornery. Being around my family will mellow me out some,...because they make me happy, and last but not least #3- we need to sell sell sell, and JUST GET OUTTA HERE ONCE AND FOR ALL,- END OF STORY, and not look back ever. Take our kittehs, and just get moving,.....adios,.....adio,....a la prochaine,.....salut,.....ciao,....mandi,...however you wanna say it,'s just GOODBYE.

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