Saturday, October 22, 2011

How boring am I

Sooooo~ nothing new really with me. I have no life,...I work and come home, spend time with the kittehs, and hubby, and then I get on the computer and that's about it. How boring am I? I mean really. I haven't shopped, I haven't eBayed, or anything at all, - how good am I being? And boring like I said. Took Munky to the vet and she got all her shots updated, checked her ears, and clipped her nails, and she was good to go, but when we got home all she did was sleep. For over 24 hours, and she got up once to throw up poor baby. I called the vet and she told me to give her half a Pepcid and it should help her little tummy. We did and about 8 HOURS later she was good as new. Let me tell ya, I'm not doing those shots again for her unless I absolutely have to. I HATE seeing her like that. Hate it. She laid on my husbands pillow and slept the whole time, so we switched, and I laid on my husband's side, and she slept right next to my head. My husband stayed with her while I was at work, and got her to eat a little finally last night. This was very traumatic for me. She IS my child ya know. So, uh,.......that's about it really. Been going and reading some other interesting blogs too. Gawd, I AM BORING.

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