Friday, October 7, 2011

Can't wait for that FOR SALE sign

I know I'm not posting as much. (Tis the season. Holiday stuff starts Sept.1st in the liquor business,...and we have started,-ICK.) So I've been working like a mad-person, and I woke-up today with all sortsa allergies, so I called in sick at work. I just needed it,-and they said no problem,-so that's that. I'm just tired too. The weather here is just starting to get nice, but still too warm. I'm trying to light a fire under my husband's behind to start any project on this house, but he's fighting a severe sinus infection. So oh well. Another year here in this miserable place won't kill us I guess. I just hate the memories here,'s just too hard. Next week we made a deal to go to the beach condo, and clean it up and install new carpet and get it rented out. One thing off our minds than. I just want to move outta here. I've been looking online again at places in Canada, and OMG!!! There are some GORGEOUS homes with property on the ocean with homes to die for for sale, and NOT a lot of money either. Nice. I keep showing it all to my husband, we will see when it comes down to it I guess. Gorgeous places,-I'd love it. Do we need to stay here? NO. Do we want to stay here? Maybe, but not here, maybe closer to his sister in NE Boca, or up in Fort Pierce somewhere close to most of my family now. Yeah, I'd rather that, but I dunno' what we will ultimately do when it comes down to it, and neither does my hubbie. It will be whatever happens and falls into place at that time. I know him. Get thru the holidays, and we will be better able to cope. The only thing I'm looking forward to is Thanksgiving, and I can't wait to have everyone together. Yea us. YUM. And the only thing I will miss here is the few friends I've made, (three sets of neighbors have been wonderful,) and I will miss them immensely. I've watched their kids grow-up, we banded together during a bad hurricane,....and we helped each other thru various ups-n-downs. In spite of the neighbors, I still want outta this area. It's going down-hill fast anyways. It's nowhere near what it was like when we first bought this house,....and I just can't seem to shake our bad feeling here. I'll never feel totally comfortable living here no matter how long we stay. That's all really. I guess you can say we are on a month to month basis. I just can't wait til we can put up that FOR SALE sign in the front yard.

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Mama Bear said...

Moving to a new house...a new city..seems exciting, no matter what the reason. Every once in awhile I get itchy feet and find myself looking at the real estate guide and wondering if it is time to find a new place. But...the list of reno items on my husband's To Do list is so long that I might as well put the guide away for now!