Monday, September 12, 2011

The Town

I love when I have my days off. I feel so comfy and happy. I talked with my mom and sister, and everything is going smooth with my mom. She is totally moved in, but just needs to unpack stuff. My niece has already stayed with her overnight, and loves it there. She says it's very comfortable and home-y. (Yay.) I'm glad, my mom sounds relieved. So it's already a week I've been home, and I worked seven days straight, and that's NOT FUN. (This week will be a piece of cake.) My SIL came over last night and we had a nice dinner, and watched 'Breaking Bad', and she went home early, and started telling her about this movie I really want her to see. 'The Town' with Ben Affleck, and Jeremy Renner. GREAT movie. I feel like how they do in the movie, it's us,(my husband and I),against them,(the cops.) It's extremely rough,(or at least my husband and I think so,) the language is atrocious, and violence is there, but it's a great movie regardless. Ben Affleck wrote and directed I think. Makes you see things from different perspectives, and how other people's lives are so different than your own. Made me think a lot. I grew-up very middle-class, loving parents that were married my entire life, and two older brothers, two older sisters who never wanted for anything, but we weren't handed things on a silver platter either. We all worked, in fact I'm the only stupid one in my family who didn't go to college. (I'm still kicking myself for that.) I could NEVER imagine growing-up with one parent, or a parent in prison, etc. That seems so unrealistic a life to me. I honestly can't imagine it, and how different I would be. We all are pretty successful, married, have families, etc. We all call each other, and when things get rough in someone's life, we have always rallied around each other, and helped one another. So yeah, this movie really knocked me for a loop, and I love this movie like I haven't loved a movie since 'Gladiator'. Watch it, you'll be surprised.

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