Friday, September 16, 2011

Times gone by

Funny how you remember certain things in your life from certain times. I wonder what makes you remember and think of them? I do wonder. I had a dream about a childhood friend who was shot and killed by her boyfriend because she didn't want to be with him any longer. I knew her since kindergarten. I had this dream of her as a little kid, and I was a grown-up, and I picked her up and put her on a counter, and she was in front of these giant floor to ceiling windows, and the sky was black, and ready to storm, and all of a sudden we see funnel clouds starting to form, and she was scared, and I kept consoling her saying that my husband was with us, and would take care of everything, and keep us safe. And the three kittehs were there, and safe, knowing that. I told my husband about the dream, and he wondered what it meant. I know that it meant that I feel safe with him with me, like never I have since my father died. Kinda eye-opening. Brought back so many feelings, and memories, made me very sad. I've had two extremely close childhood friends die sudden deaths, and I did NOT handle it well. Not at all, and thank God my parents were there to help me thru it. I am SOOOO lucky, - I know. My parents actually came to my work, and brought me home before telling me one of my friends died in a horrific car accident the day before. I knew her since 6th grade. (My father came across her obituary when he was reading the morning paper.) She was smart, beautiful, and her family was rich. She was everything I wanted to be, and I hoped at the time, that if I was friends with her long enough, I would be just like her. I idolized her. She even actually dated some famous people, (I won't say who, but I have firsthand pictures that I took,) of who she dated while she was in high school. Yeah, I think back now, and it was a scary thought. How could her parents let her date someone older than her like that? So much more experienced? I could never let my high school child date someone that much more experienced, and older,....that's like throwing her to the wolves. I just couldn't NO MATTER WHAT. I COULD NOT-EVER. EVER!!!! Whatever I guess. Who am I to judge,...but it really makes me wonder. AND, makes me miss and wonder what might've been. I miss them so much. They both gave me so many great, fun, childhood memories, that I could never forget. Never. They will forever be in my heart. Funny how dreams bring back so many memories so vividly.

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