Saturday, September 10, 2011

I'm just looking out from inside

I've been working like an animal all week. No days off til Monday,-ICK. Don't ya just feel like it never ends? I do. Sometimes I really hate work, and other times it's a welcome relief from myself. The weather here has been stormy and rainy for almost two weeks now, and every time I get a day off, it's sunny. I'm the exact opposite,....I LIKE the rainy weather, me an excuse to lay in bed with Munky, and not get up all day. I LLLLOOOOVVVEEEE stormy days.(As long as I don't have to go anywhere.) So~ I finally went to the psychiatrist, and wasn't impressed. I'm going back to the other one I went to, besides,....they do pet therapy there, and you know I LOVE that. Have a big dog sit with me while I talk,(with me, on me,~doesn't matter,~ it calms me, and makes me feel more at ease, no matter what I have to face in my sessions.) The next thing I have to do is go to an endocrinologist the end of the month, and I'm still going to that chiropractor/orthopedic surgeon for my shoulder, still bothers me, but I'm not in pain like I was. (Somehow I dislocated my shoulder without knowing,) and he had to put it back in place,....with NO PAIN KILLER, right there in the office,...lemme' tell ya, that was no picnic. Even my husband wasn't thrilled with doing that, and he has a very HIGH threshold for pain. I did it, it's done, and I'm doing my exercises the dr. told me to do, to keep my shoulder and neck pain-free, far so good. Other than that, nothing else new or exciting. My mom is getting settled in her new place, and she feels very comfortable and at home,...(that counts for a lot.) My brother is staying with her for a few nights a week, and my niece goes over there after classes to do her homework, and keep her company, and she has Friday dinner at my sister's house with everyone there. I'd so love to move up there. I'm really keeping my fingers crossed that I can talk my husband into moving up there,....and even just renting a place for a little while,......every week have dinner with my family,.....pure heaven to me. I miss them all so much. We all have so much fun together. I'm hoping I can talk my SIL and hubby to go up there for Thanksgiving and Christmas. (LOVE Thanksgiving,-it's my favorite holiday,-hate Christmas,...too much pressure what with all the gift-giving-crap, etc.) but I REALLY wanna be there for my mom. I hope we can do it. So, how exciting am I? Really? Really? I AM getting old, aren't I? Geesh.

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