Sunday, June 20, 2010

Yeah, THIS ONE DIDN'T get away

SO~last Sunday was the finale of 'Breaking Bad' and that damn show has me so tied up in knots, I don't know which way I'm going. My god! Aaron Paul sure has my vote to win the next whatever-the-award-is for TV show actors. He is unbelievable. That show rocked my world. I took that show to heart. I was literally a mess every Sunday night after it was over,......really. Now I feel kinda empty without it on. I still have 'Burn Notice' and Fee. She is the bomb,....that's who I want to be when I grow-up! No lie. So-I'm finally feeling better about my last eBay experience. I bought two more bags to make up for it and a pair of YSL-look-alikes by Dolce Vita,....they are really nice,...(can't wait to wear them,....I guess to court,....jeez,-that sucks.) Yea, I have a court date this coming Thursday, and I'm just now starting to panic about it. Usually it's last week, but I've been working so much, and sick that I kinda forgot about it. (Wish I could forget the whole thing.) So my fate is in my lawyers hands,....along with the prosecutor and judge, I guess. I'll let ya know what happens,....I'm thinking this is the big judgement day on me, so we will see. I could toss my cookies right now just saying that. (Deep breaths,deep breaths.) Okay, I'm alright now. (And you wonder why I shop like I do, and love my kittehs unconditionally, and wish I could spend every waking second with them than around scumbag people.) Anyways,~I'm trying to get some vacation time off at work for August, but I'm not sure I will get it, being that two other people will be on vacation,....but I'm still going to try and hope. Might get to go up to Ipswich and eat some clams and see some friends,...and just enjoy life, even if it's only for a week. If not, we have my Family Reunion coming up in November for a week, and I really can't wait for that. I'm so excited,'ll be different with all that has happened in the last month but at least we will all be together, and that's what counts. Enjoying time with all the family together. We will be staying at the Hotel where my hubby and I got married in Universal,'ll be nice to be there again. Good memories. I'm so looking foward to it, and this is the last one my mom's planning for awhile, because she decided it's going to be every five years instead of every two. (She DOES pay for EVERYONE, and the hotel bill, all tickets to Universal,Disney, and SeaWorld, it is ALOT of planning and money, and she's not getting any younger.) So,....that is going to be the big finale in that way. I'm just really, really looking foward to it.( So, least I'll have new bags and shoes to wear.) Yep,....I need a nap soon. Loooonnnngggg day.

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