Monday, June 14, 2010

The one that got away

Okay, so this is the kinda week I've been having,.....I found this really awesome,(expensive) bag on eBay, that was going for a ridiculously,unbelievable price, and I did everything in my power to make sure I was home to get this bag.(I even rearranged my work schedule!) I mean I was serious,, time is coming and this is like an $500 bag that is like at $20!!!! I'm having a cow,...waiting, waiting, waiting, and I always wait til like 15-20 seconds left to bid so that they can't up the bid too much after I bid, I put in my high bid for lets just say a few hundred dollars, and my computer CRAPS OUT ON ME! I think my blood pressure went thru the top of my head,...well, to make matters worse,.....yea, I loved this,....the winning bidder bought this bag for,.....$39.51!!! I wanted to tear my eyes outta my head,....I couldn't believe it. Then,....I was at work on Saturday, and had to go home sick because I felt awful and have been in bed ever since.(Running to the bathroom every half hour gettin sick or so.) So yeah, I've had a crappy week.(Ha-ha.) Oh, and also, our A/C in the house is not cooling right, so yeah, we are having record breaking heat down here, and our A/C which is not even 2yrs.old decides to die on us. Could things go wrong anymore? Could they? I'm hating life more than I usually do right now. Now on the good side. I checked on my Facebook msgs. and someone who I haven't seen or heard from since 1977!!! found me and wrote me. Very nice. A brother and sister that my sister and I (and my parents) all met on a cruise we took,....we had a GREAT time,...we got to meet Pele' the soccer player, (who even as a kid I was VERY in awe of,) and he was the perfect gentlemen to my sister and I, and was very gracious. All in all, it was a great vacation at my tender age of 12, but I remember the fun we had like it was yesterday. I can't wait to call my mom and sister and tell them that they got in touch with me,...they will be so excited to hear about it. (I tell my mom everything. She's my best friend next to my husband,sister, and sister-in-law. Heck!-my mom was my matron of honor at our wedding.) So yeah, at least that balanced out the stupidity of my computer not working quick enough. I should'nt even care, but it galls me, that's all. So mad I am. So damn mad. It's only material stuff I gotta tell myself,'s just aggravating that's all. I'm laughing about it now. Really I am, my head.

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