Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hanging in there

Hope ya'll had a Happy Easter. I had to work and I WAS NOT happy about it. Not at all. But it's over, and I'm over it. Sorta. The weather here has been warm and breezy w/out alot of humidity, which is what kills me here. I really wonder if I could make it thru the cold winters up north. Anything is better than the suffocating heat in the summer here. Everyone says I'm crazy, but I guess I need to find out for myself. Nothing really new here w/ me,....missing my mom,....I wanted to spend Easter w/ her, but,....you know. So, Mother's Day is coming,....and the anniversary of my dad's death is coming up and I WILL be there for my mom. Along w/ my husband, and SIL, (sis-in-law) my mom is the most important person in my life. I wish I could be there everyday for her. It makes me feel guilty everyday that I'm not. So much in life that is beyond our control sometimes. And next week I have another court date in the nightmare of my life,......we will see,.....all this crap, I want it over. I don't even care whether it's fair, or not, I just want it over. It has taken such a toll on us both in our life. We are barely keeping it together to function normally,.....barely. Pay bills, clean, take care of the pool, yard work,.....keeping track of everyday things,.....almost impossible. How do people live when something like this happens? I mean how do they really get thru it? Because all I want to do is sleep away everything until it just goes away. Like I always say,...thank you God for giving me my husband and kittehs.

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