Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Weak Constitution

I just got in from taking Munky for her nightly walk around our yard. She is so cute w/ her curiosity of flying bugs, to lizards, to the wind blowing. She is adorable. And Sugar met us out tonight. He came from the neighbors backyard and started running around. Munky's little red harness and leash are so cute on her. I can spot her in the dark at least w/ that on. Sometimes she gets lost in the brush chasing Lord knows what, and I let go of her leash and then I spot it moving and find her in an instant. Besides, w/ Sugar around she won't get far w/out him checking on what she's doing. Work is a real pain in the ass right now. (Sorry for the language.) Our GM fell and hurt his knee bad enough for him to need surgery, so he will be out for about 8 weeks. Now we are really on a skeleton crew. I was just about to make an appt. for my laser removal of one of two tatoos I'm having taken off my back, -but now I for sure have to wait. I can't take any time off whatsoever til our mgr. gets back. Yeah,'s hell getting them taken off. I was young and stupid,(18) and just had to have them, and they meant absolutely nothing,.....I do have one other one on my calf,...but that was for my now husband who at the time I thought wasn't going to end up in my life, even that one was a big risk,....but it paid off, and look at us now,....18 years later, still happy together,-w/ each other, (just not w/ our current legal predicament.) So yeah,....don't get tatoos, unless it really, really means something to you,....for awhile, more than a year,....(I could go on and on.) There is a lady who has been coming in to work, (a customer) and ordering from us, and she has this,....I don't know what it is in her arm. Like a metal rod or something,...w/ like a rod across the top, like it's bolted into her skin. It actually looks like a drawer pull bolted into her arm. I don't know what she did to her arm, but it looks excrutiating, and I want to toss my cookies everytime I see her and it. I try not to look at it, but it's one of those things that you can't help staring at because it's so foreign and painful looking. And I'm not kidding when I say I get nauseous at the site of it. I had to have someone help her this time when she came in because I actually heaved. I have a very weak stomach for anything like that. ( I have no idea how I ever got tatoos and piercings,...) NO IDEA. Maybe one time when she comes in I will ask her what exactly she did to her arm,....because this thing looks pretty serious. So, fun exciting stories. Yeah,....I need more kittehs, don't I? My little loves,.....something to keep me from thinking of that damn drawer pull in her arm,....that poor woman, poor stomach,.......

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