Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kitteh soap opera

Went to court this morning, -another continuence. Jeez. This. Sucks. I go thru hell the entire week leading up to going. A new prosecutor, a new judge,....I've been told because so many of them have been "getting in trouble". How nice. Maybe they will know what it's like to be judged unfairly too one day. I feel NO PITY for them. So,....get to go into work late,....I feel like I've been thru the ringer tho. So,...still buying and selling on eBay,....I couldn't live w/out it!!! Having plenty of kitteh adventures. 'Stripe', a new, older kitty on the block has been visiting alot lately,...I think he has a little crush on my Munky. We also have the 'scared-of-everyone-but-my-owners' kitteh from across the street named Mocha that likes to visit too. Munky seems to be quite a catch. I think she only has eyes for my Sugar tho. Seemingly so, he is the most beautiful kitteh I've ever seen. ALL kittehs ARE BEAUTIFUL to me, I really do love them ALL, but I've never had so many people compliment as they do w/ him,(even tho he is very cranky.) The long white fur, the odd eyes,(one light blue, one light green,) the perfect pink nose, he really is gorgeous,(and he knows it!) So yeah, all sorts of kitteh adventures going on here. I can deal w/ that tho. As the kitteh yard turns,.....

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