Thursday, December 6, 2012

View from here

Still here in Fort Pierce taking care of my mom and staying at my sister's house,- beautiful home. It's SSOOOO PEACEFUL here. I love it. Away from everything and everyone. Can't get enough of that. I hope we find something like this in Canada when we move. Maybe not so grand but something serene and quiet. Boy I can tell I'm getting older,-that's for sure. My mom is doing better every day, but still has a way to go to get back to where she was. It's just hard to see someone who was so active and personable, and fun, NOT BEING THAT WAY. Breaks my heart. I leave on Friday, and my sister will take over for the weekend, and than my brother and his wife are driving back down here from Georgia to stay indefinitely with her til she gets well enough to be on her own. (They are retired, so they can do that.) Ummm, the midst of all this stuff,...I've been running around doing some shopping for things for my mom to make her life a little easier when she gets home. Organizational stuff. Looking thru magazines at the book store to get ideas,...and somehow I came across some fashion magazines that I looked thru, and found this perfume by Jessica Simpson called Vintage Bloom that I am just totally OBSESSED WITH NOW.  I MUST have it, get it, wear it, hoard it. I cannot get it outta my head. I get like this about things I see and want from time to time.(As you have read on here.) I don't know why I get so obsessive about things that I must have. Then I get it and it's on to the next thing I want. It's a scary vicious circle, isn't it? I know, I know. I'm lucky I can even do it to be honest. Sooo, in the midst of going back to Staples and other various places, I will be hunting down the best price for my perfume and trying to get it. We'll see. So I'm putting in some pictures of various views from my sister's home in Fort Pierce. It's right across from Hutchinson Island and it's absolutely gorgeous here. The last  picture are two of their three dogs that I'm in love with. Aren't they the sweetest faces? Animals, quiet, water, nature, big beautiful home,-perfect for being here right now. In some ways I'm very lucky right now,...and don't think I don't know it.

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