Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It will happen one day

I'm off for two days, and it's been sooo nice,(especially this time of year.) I'm putting up our Christmas tree today. It's a little fake one, cuz I was told that cats can get sick if they eat real pine, and my kitteh eats anything that's green. So NO to a real one as much as I would love it. (I have pine scented candles to help with this.) I'm really not into all this Christmas/Santa stuff, but this year I think I'm coming out of my five-year depression, and feeling a little jolly. I actually want to put Christmas stuff up, so why not. Anyways~ I'm still obsessing over Pinterest, and everything on there. So many great ideas and recipes, I love it. I still do get on Facebook every now and then, and yesterday one of my friends from the bar where I worked, got in touch with me. So cool to hear from people on there. Easy way to find someone and stay in touch without really having to do anything. Other than this, nothing new really with me. Going to get thru the holidays, try to have some fun, and get the house ready for sale. I can't wait. The day we move, and actually drive away from this house, and area, I will be sooooo happy, and relieved. I've made some great friends here, but I'm ready to move on. FOR SURE. The only thing that worries me with moving is Munky. I'm afraid for her, and how she will handle it. I don't want to traumatize her, but I think it can't be helped really. I don't know. I'll figure something out for her. I have to, for my baby. And on that note I will going and getting ready to workout,...so I'll write more when I'm interesting,.....or something interesting happens! You know what I mean!!! (oh, and still obsessed with finding Vintage Bloom perfume. I'm going to find the most inexpensive price for it eventually!!!) 

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