Thursday, August 30, 2012

Love my ducks and so HATE people

So we never made the movies last week, and it's not looking like it this week either. Just can't seem to get our butts outta the house. I am a homebody. I love being at home more-so than anywhere else,....even this house. We are cocooned in here,...never open the blinds or windows,(too hot anyways,) only go outside to walk/play with kittehs, or clean the pool,....never answer the door for anyone,...and we have no land line, so no phone,....just the way we want it. Even our backyard is so private between the 7 foot tall privacy fence and all the palms grown in, you can't see out anywhere, or no one can see in, yeah,......we are cocooned in. So last week I finally realized that my car tag was expired,(I never got one of those renewal things in the mail,) so I've been driving around for 6 weeks with an expired tag and didn't even realize it! I went last week to renew and it was almost $80!!! Cheese and rice! I was so mad that it cost that much, I steamed for the whole week. It just made me so mad that it was that expensive. I remember when it was like $30 for cris-sake. I'm just getting older I guess when I start saying that. I remember when,_______,(fill in the blank.) Oh well,...I got it, and that's the main thing. So now I have to start working on changing my passport to my married name,...(it's only been 6 years!!!) Gawd I'm lazy. What else going on here? I screamed at some junkie looking guy in front of my work for trying to pick up/chase the ducklings on Tuesday. Yep. I want all freaky deaky on him, and yelled and ran at him, and threatened him and told him to leave them alone,...and he got all mouthy with me, and soon as I said something about calling the cops to 'see what he was holding', he started walking away real quick. I got louder and meaner than,....but he walked away even faster. I'm like a mama bear when it comes to any of my ducks and/or ducklings,(ANY ducks/animals really.) NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE will bother them when I'm there,...those sweet little babies. I wanna kill people sometimes, especially those whose parents are so stupid they can't be bothered to teach their kids to respect animals. Drives me up the wall,...I have no tolerance or patience for that. You don't know how many times I've yelled at kids AND THEIR IGNORANT-ASS parents to keep their kids away from ducklings, and that the mother will attack,...but these DUMB-ASS people just sit there and watch and think it's all cute watching their kids trying to touch/pickup/catch a little baby duckling. REALLY?   REALLY?  I'll say it AGAIN,....people NEVER cease to amaze me at how STUPID they are,...every,.....single, Makes me hate the general population more and more. (and yes,-I'm seeing a therapist about this very thing, so don't go all judge-y on me!!!)

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