Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Plain vanilla right now

So we HAD a contract on our condo, and the person changed their mind. It happens. My husband was NOT HAPPY. I took it in stride. It'll happen,...the place is too nice for someone not to snatch it up,...it's a great deal. I mean I describe it to people and they can't believe it hasn't sold, but in this day and age,....I believe it. It just sucks. And this house will be far worse to sell. Far worse. I just want to be gone already,...I just need for us to get out,....and hopefully in the next year. We are barely hanging on to our sanity here. It's just too overwhelming for us. It is. The head stuff is what's bringing us down, and outta our lives. We are just literally wasting our time away here. I know about living in the moment, and making the most of every day, but I can't even get thru the day here without hoping for something better when we move. Believe me, when we get to where we are going,.....we will REALLY wonder how we ever got thru this. This is definitely the darkest days we've ever been thru, for maybe the exception of one other time. But this has lasted far longer. Five years long. So yeah,....it pretty much sucks totally. I have off the next two days after working fourteen days straight. Sic. I was hoping we would be celebrating the contract on our condo, but it's not meant to be. Not yet at least. I have a few things up for sale on eBay,....and hopefully we are going to see 'The Expendables' tonight. I love those guys. Dolph Lundgren, Jason Statham,....Stallone,....love them. I can't wait to see it. (See,....I'm easily made happy,...I really don't need much, and I will need even less once we move.) I think my spending definitely coincides with my unhappiness of being here. My eBay-eness. I don't know. Time will tell. So,....no other news in our life. Family is good, friends are good,...most importantly my kittehs are good,....so I'm happy at the moment. I'm just plain vanilla right now. (Altho I could go for a hot fudge sundae anytime!)

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