Sunday, August 12, 2012

Who wouldn't want these views from their penthouse condo?

Okay, nothing is selling on eBay, I've been doing cardio sporadically,...and I can't seem to get ahead at work no matter what I do. BLAH. My favorite shows are over,....(Burn Notice, Dallas,Blue Bloods,) and the worst of it all is tonight is 'Breaking Bad's fifth show. I wanna cry.Only three more to go til next year. I have NEVER been like I am with this show,....hanging on every word, every scene, every moment. And my sweet Jesse. I love him in this. When this show is finally over, I'll have to go buy the whole thing, and watch them all over and over and pick it all apart, seeing what I missed. My husband and SIL are all the same way. We have never agreed on a show but this one. It's for every one if you don't be too judgmental of the content.(Drug dealers.) Some of it hits so close to home its scary. (And I don't mean the drug dealers either. Just some of the characters in it.) That's why I feel so strongly about Jesse. ANYWAYS~ nothing else happening here tho. Still applying for jobs online like crazy, replies from anyone. Sad. I'm thinking about trying this online company that someone in our store has worked for,'s called Anyone heard of it? Any info on it? I mean I know it's legit, (cause the guy worked for them, but didn't keep the job because it had no benefits, and he has a family.) But it would be perfect for me to do at night when I'm off,(to get my foot in the door,) and keep it til we moved to Canada, and then do it full time there,-right? It's from home,....and I think I can do it. I KNOW I can, but I'm a little scared. We'll see. If anyone has any opinions about them or heard of them or even works for them, someone let me know. I'm curious about any information. Anything at all. I want to work from home. End of story. Sooooo~ that's all the news here. Boring stuff. A few bites on our condo, but nothing promising. Keeping my fingers crossed that we will sell it soon. (A view from one of two balconies. Ocean AND intracoastal views BOTH.)

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