Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Happy Labor Day weekend

This is how things are at work,....I asked for Labor Day weekend off two months ago, and instead, I got Monday and Tuesday off,....and they even called me in last night while hubby and I were at my mom's in Fort Pierce.(I pretended to not see the call.) My brother and his wife, and nephew and his gf were all down from Georgia visiting, so I wanted to see them, and we went only for a the day, but had a great time. Beautiful BBQ on the lake,...sat there all talking and laughing,....I LOVE being with my family. LOVE. My niece even came by and visited for awhile when she got off from work. Telling stories, sitting around,...I love our time with family. Anyways~ I have today off and plan on getting some errands done, but it's raining, and my hubby just went to lie down for a nap,....so,....I'll see what we get done here. Still putting stuff on eBay,....nothing is really selling except a beautiful CK bag last week that I had lying around,.....nothing else happening tho. STILL no offers on our condo. Talking with my brother about properties, and he said up in GA. that everything is all 'under water' (or 'upside down',) as they say. Properties in foreclosures are abundant like it is down here,...so it's no better there. I don't know if that makes me feel better or not. I just want ours sold. Period. Soooo,....my SIL just texted me a picture of a fall wreath she made for my mom today for her front door. I'm so NOT 'crafty' like that. I don't have the patience. I just don't. I wish my whole family all lived close together,...I wish, I wish, I wish. I know,....I take too much for granted. I do know that. I think I'm going to go peruse eBay, and see what I can find now. Some of my Saved Searches: Isabel Marant, Loree Rodkin, Celine and Jimmy Choo handbags, and cat beds. Happy searching!

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