Tuesday, September 18, 2012

All work and no play

I've been soooo absent here for the last couple a weeks adjusting to my new location at work since I was transferred. I have to admit, the people there are so much more professional than the ones that I worked with here in my old location. It's a huge difference at work now, -working with people who actually work and do what they are suppose to do without getting in every one else's business, and complaining about having to do anything and everything that they are getting paid for. I just want to work, and do the best I can when I'm there, and maybe even contribute a little more than I have to and go home. And that's exactly what I got. It's great except for the 20 minute ride there one way. Before I was literally one minute from home. ONE MINUTE. But I'm trying to look at the good points; I don't come home crying, aggravated, and steaming mad because someone complained all day about how hard they were working all the while taking cigarette breaks every 15 minutes, and calling home to talk to their kid, sick father, or brother that they are mad at, every two seconds. So I have one side or the other. I actually come home now in a good, relaxed mood for a change. I just never in my life had to drive that far to go to work. Somehow, I realized, that I have ALWAYS lived two minutes from work, and it's just ended up that way. Really. Strange tho. I've been thinking that maybe the drive home decompresses me, and gives me time to relax, and calm down,....but there's nothing to calm down about truthfully. It really is fine. I get along with everyone there great, I already get along really well with the assistant manager,...he's great and really my kinda funny,...so,.....that's really it in a nutshell. I tried going shopping yesterday after work, and just didn't have it in me. (Can you believe it?!) What the hell is wrong with me? I work 1 minute now from the largest shopping mall in the state of Florida,(Sawgrass Mills Mall,) and I don't feel like shopping. Don't ask me, because I don't get it. I have time tho,...it's only been two weeks, believe me, I have a lot of time to do some damage there. You know I'll keep you posted.

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