Sunday, September 9, 2012

Time is not on my side right now

Sooooo,.......I woke up Friday to my regional manager calling me, as I'm getting ready for work,...he tells me that I'm being transferred to another office. Can you believe it? I live literally 1 minute away from work, and now I'm transferred to 10 miles away. Kinda sucks. But believe it or not,....I took it all in stride, and looked at it as a good thing,....change isn't always bad,(even in my book,-ME,-who hates change.) So I went with it, and it's so much more relaxing,...calm nice people,...and the clientele I deal with now is much, much better to be honest. I'm still figuring out the drive tho,...I've ALWAYS lived 1min. from work,....ALWAYS, this is kinda new to me,...but I'm dealing. Nothing else new, show 'Breaking Bad' is over til July 2013,....and I'm having withdrawals now that Sunday is here and I don't have that to look forward to. Literally. No Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, Burn Notice,....even Blue Bloods is over. So now I only watch House Hunters, reruns of Friends and The Nanny, and David Letterman. Yea,....I could do without a TV. What else? Nothing else really,.....I wish we were that one step closer to moving. If our condo would just sell,'d be one giant step closer,.....if we are here another entire summer, I swear I will freakin' move without selling a damn thing! I just can't stay,...I can't. I hate this area,...and our bad memories here,....this house,....I just want out, and I've been hanging on this move for so long,...I just need it to happen. WE need it to happen. My hubby is no better off either. It's so unnerving to see what has happened to us the last few years,....very, very, depressing. VERY. This move will rejuvenate us,...LITERALLY. In so many ways,....I can't even begin to tell you. So I guess we will wait and see,....only time will tell,....and time is NOT on our side right now. We're getting older by the second here,....and it's showing.

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