Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to everyone! Hope y'all make it a great one. Hard day for me. I miss my dad so much sometimes, it's like I'm 10 again, sitting on his lap, and talking a mile a minute, and he would listen to absolutely everything I said, or he would come get in my bed when I couldn't sleep, and we would plan for hours about what we were going to do the next day. He always spent whatever time he could with me and I loved it. He was the light of my life as a child, and growing up I learned what an awesome person he was. My parents had a very open, free thinking mentality when it came to people,......never looked down there nose at anyone, and gave everyone a chance. The LOVED people, and getting to know them. (How that didn't rub off, is beyond me.) Many a nights, they would have big dinners, and friends,(and family,) would come over, and  sit at the table for hours on end eating, talking, telling stories, laughing,...drinking,....I remember so many good fun times even as a child,...and then a teenager,....and as an adult. Their get-together s would last until the wee hours of the morning, and many times I and/or my sister would get up and find friends or family sleeping on couches,.....and we would giggle and run back to our room. Easy going, and fun, and a lot of laughter are my memories of my dad growing up. Bike rides, cooking, big Sunday morning breakfasts, great music he'd listen to,....all the great stuff that make up my memories with my dad. Makes me smile to this day. He was such a great, great dad,...I wish everyone could grow up with a father like mine,'s inconceivable that kids don't. It's inconceivable that they grow up the way they do,....I mean,....we always had dinner together every night,....and Sundays were always big breakfasts, and early big dinners,.....and we would play outside in the pool, or play catch in the front yard, or build forts with chairs and blankets in the front yard, kids sit and play video games until their brains are mush,...and forget two parent families,....the idea of marriage now-a-days is like it's a throw away, not forever anymore. I'm so glad I'm not growing up right now, breaks my heart to know kids won't have the awesome childhood I had,....sad really. I have to thank my dad for that, and I always will. Happy Fathers Day daddy, I miss you more than you will ever know. I'll forever be a 'Daddy's Girl'.

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