Sunday, June 24, 2012

Closer and closer everyday

Canada is getting closer,.....even if it's in our minds. We talk about it every night,....and we think about it every day,......I'm mostly worried about Munky,.....and her traveling from the only home she's ever known. Sugar is going to stay with a neighbor that adores him and loves him like we do. We have tried over and over to make him an indoor cat, but ever since we brought Munky home, he has been a growly, hissing, little mean man of a kitty. He tolerates us. He doesn't let us pet or play with him, and he only comes in to nap or eat, and that's it. We have had long talks with our neighbor, and they are a very comfortable older couple with no other pets, and they dote on him like we used to be able to. So,...unfortunately, and heartbreakingly, we are going to have to leave him like his first owner did. I feel horribly, horribly guilty about this every time I think about it, and if someone else told me about this situation, I would say they are horrible people and don't deserve a cat,...but we have honestly tried everything. He was such a sweet boy as a kitten, and he loved us soooo much,...and we loved him like he was our child. But I wanted to keep him indoors,....and he just wouldn't. And it kills me. His first owner was in our spot, where he wouldn't stay indoors, and they had another cat, and he just didn't wanna be in a two cat household,...he gets very jealous of anything else,....he's a one kitty boy,.....but I didn't know this at the time we got Munky,....and her being a kitten I thought he would take to her, being a female,....but a big mistake, now this is our situation, and it will haunt me for the rest of my life. I've never 'left' any animal/pet behind,....and it eats away at me and my husband,.....but there is nothing left for us to do. I've exhausted every idea I can think of,....and believe me, no one can think worse of us than we do about it. It makes me sick to my stomach just the thought of leaving him here,....but I do know he will be well taken care of if that's any consolation,....but it's not. I want him, and I want to take him with us,....I just don't know what to do,'s 'his' territory, we take him from that, AND make him an inside cat all at once, and really traumatize him? I just don't know the right thing to do. I just don't. And on to less serious stuff,........July,....the last season of 'Breaking Bad' starts,...and I'm on pins and needles waiting,.....I can't wait to see Jessie,...and see how the whole thing wraps up. I'll keep ya posted!

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