Monday, June 11, 2012

EBay and patience

I know I'm living for my days off from work. Sometimes work just breaks me in to a million pieces. I'm fine when I'm there,...I'm fine on my way home, and then when I get home, I'm totally frazzled. I can't hold back or hold it in,....and my husband sometimes just doesn't understand no matter how I try to explain. Things are still so hard. We have to sometimes work on our together time. It just seems so hard sometimes to line ourselves up to want to do the same things at the same time,-being that I work full time and my hubby doesn't. He's still working-out, and I'm not. So as you can see, it's painstakingly hard to line ourselves up a lot of the time. On my days off I just want to relax and do nothing at all,....others,....I wanna do something very rarely. I love to get on the computer and veg,....or my magazines that I get. I like to curl up and just read quietly. I have a subscription to almost every fashion/beauty mag there is. I love them,....I look at them over and over. I tear out pages if something really grabs me, and  feel like I can't live without it. It's like my own personal wish list book/catalog. That's how I bought most of my handbags. You gotta have a lot of patience, and keep an eye out, and know what you're looking for, but I can find it all on EBay. I find what I want in the magazines,....find out as much information as possible about the item,(maybe even go see it in person at the store,) and sit and wait it out. The longer you usually wait,....the better. The longer it's out, the less likely there is a demand for it. I mean,...I saw a handbag by Makowsky in a Elle magazine before Christmas one year that I just had to have. I loved all three colors. I wanted all three and honestly considered going to Macys and buying all three outright. Instead,....I sat and waited. Now all three would've been about $500, but instead I waited,(longingly,) and checked out EBay about three times a week. Eventually I got ALL THREE FOR LESS THAN $275!!! I mean you can't beat almost 50% off, can you?! I've gotten gorgeous Louis Vuitton bags, Chanel bags,(and lots of accessories,)...I've gotten  gorgeous handbags by: Mulberry,YSL,Gucci,Chloe,Prada,Loewe,Lanvin,Versace, Givenchy, and Bvlgari. And for every bag, I ended up getting matching wallets and sunglasses to go with them. I have a huge, high end  collection, and paid a fraction of the cost from doing a little research and having patience on EBay. I'm selling some stuff now, because I just don't want it all,'s too much, and the older I get, my tastes are changing more and more. I don't like all the logo stuff,...AND, when we move, I don't want ALL THAT STUFF to pack. My husband is getting on my case more and more as time goes by, I figure, if I'm not using it, why not sell it? Sometimes I feel like I'll never need any of it at all anymore, but some of it, I do love, and can't part with some of it. I just can't. So little by little it'll all end up where it ends up.

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