Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Same stuff, different day

Tomorrow at work we are having our "corporate" bosses coming in, and everyone is going crazy yesterday and today to make sure every last thing is perfect for their visit. I say 'screw it!' and whatever happens, - happens. I don't care, and I'm lucky I have today off, because of all the crap that will have to be done. The two people who wanted to hire me last October for that Medical Pet Spa came in last week, and said they STILL haven't hired anyone, and that they are still interested in me. (We'll see how interested they really are.) So~ I will go in again, and fill out another application, and see what happens. Funny how I was just saying that I really needed to work with animals to be happy,.....and they came in that week out of nowhere. I'm not telling anyone this time but my husband, and just see what happens. I hope something comes of it. I would love to be working with animals somehow. My dream come true. I would be so much happier than I am now, just as long as I don't really have to work with people. Just the animals. And I came across someone selling a puppy toy Yorkie last week, and I SOOOO wish my husband woulda let me buy the little guy. He looked just like a little stuffed animal. So gorgeous, and sweet, and just beautiful. He woulda been my little baby. I would of named him Bruiser, or something big and bad like that. So sweet that little peanut. I wish. One day tho. One day. I'm off to list more things on eBay. I'm boring.

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