Friday, August 6, 2010

Now what?

Well, tonight starts my 10 day vacation from work, and let me just say, YEE-HAW!!! Yay baby! (I'm doing a happy dance like Chandler dancing on FRIENDS while my kittehs stare at me like I'm some sorta whacko!) Ten whole fun filled days of cleaning the house, organizing, and playing w/ my babies. (I'm actually looking foward to that last part,-other stuff,-NOT SO MUCH.) Anyways,~and to make things a little complicated,-my bank account is still frozen and I haven't told my husband yet, so therefore, I have absolutely no accessible money. Isn't that just wonderful? Oh yeah, he'll be real happy to hear that. Real happy. I'm just at my wits end with this. I guess tomorrow morning I'll be at the bank, closing my account, and starting all over with a new account, and then I'll have to do the whole registration thing with Paypal and eBay all over again. This sucks. I have two more handbags to get to complete all the ones I really want. AND, I'm missing so many good deals on there. It's making me a little crazy. Okay, ALOT crazy. OKAY, let's just drop it! Anyways,....I hope I can get myself up and outta bed, do some cardio and get some stuff done, (besides the bank.) I just don't know what to do about les fonds. I'll just play it by ear, and see what happens,.....shhhhh,.....I'll keep ya posted. (I'm just giddy over NO WORK mind you.)

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