Monday, August 2, 2010

I did go there

Ya know I'm the kinda person that's loyal to a fault. And I really am. To a fault. Once I get something in my head about someone,-whether it makes me like them or hate them,-that's it. I'll never change my mind, and I will forever like or dislike that person. I mean, no one, but no one can change my mind, and I will fight to the finish defending my idea of that person,(whether they be liked or hated by me.) I absolutely LOVE Mark McGuire when he was playing, (even before all that business with the home runs.) I think he single-handedly brought baseball back that year. I really do, and whether he did or didn't do any drugs means absolutely nothing to me, and I think he got a totally raw deal for all that nonsense. Baseball used him and then when they were done, threw him to the wolves, and that just pisses me off. I will ALWAYS and forever be a Mark M. fan. Same thing with Ken Caminiti. The guy had outside problems, with drugs, with women, with himself. He still worked-out, kept himself in shape, played very hard baseball for the Padres,(when he was alive,) and people still dismissed everything he ever did,....that made me steam. People make mistakes, people are people, no one is perfect, and neither are their careers, but at least acknowledge what he did accomplish and what he does bring to the table,(team.) Not to mention the women went nuts for him. He was unbelievable gorgeous. Then I have to mention how much I DISLIKE the Red Wings and the Yankees. You can just put those two teams on the moon and I won't miss them one damn bit. Mind you I have total respect and like Steve Yzerman,(was the captain of the Red Wings,) and A-Rod,(from the despicable Yankees.) I can't deny what they have done, what they contributed, and how great and talented they are/were. Personally Steve Yzerman could do no wrong with me except for being a Red Wing,.....and A-Rod I have personally met and was in contact with him before he became big-time. (He used to come in where I bartended and try to get served alcohol when he was underage, and later on when my husband and I owned a gym, he would come in and workout,-not to mention The Boys and Girls Club was one block from our gym, and he was basically there ALL THE TIME. He was always a very nice, polite, hardworking, very giving guy. Not stuck-up at all. He was adorable and extremely good-looking.) So what. I still HATE the Yankees, but NOT A-Rod. I still HATE the Red Wings but NOT Stevie Y. Never. I HATE anyone who drives: a Hummer, any kinda Porsche, and Corvettes. Anyone who drives one of those cars is seriously lacking something that they feel they have to make up for. Something. And you will NEVER change my mind! Never! Yea, I said that. I did. So what. And I really don't know what the big deal is with Angelina Jolie, Tom Cruise, Russell Brand, Kathy Griffin, Snooki, Speidi, and I'm sure I'm leaving quite a few out that I can't think of right now off the top of my head. All of THEM could fall off the side of the earth and I wouldn't miss them for one second. Not one. Believe me, I know that I'm talking out both sides of my mouth,(as they say.) I know that, but I'm aloud my opinions, right? Oh, and let me add Steve Segal, Jean-Claude van Dame, and Mel Gibson. Anyone who can hit a woman for ANY reason, is NOT good in my book. EVER. EVER! Walk away,....just walk away,-like your mother taught you,(hopefully.) Walk. Away. And please, don't even get me started with these so-called 'reality stars' things. Uck. I don't even want to waste my time to even think, let alone write about them. Please. They don't deserve one second of my thought or time. NOT ONE,-so I won't.

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