Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What's next?

I read the newspaper online at least once a day. The things that really scare me about people are reinforced every single time. Why is it like that? Weren't you raised to be kind, polite, and help people in need? I have helped ladies with groceries, I have helped guys in line with not enough money, I have certainly helped any animal I ever see on the road find their home, etc. Yet people look at me like I'm crazy when I'm doing this. Why? Do you not have a few seconds? Did I grow a third eye while you were looking at me? I mean what the hell. How frickkin' hard is it? Do you know how many times I smile at people and see them look at me befuddled? They have no clue. None. When we were kids, we were always polite, (maybe not to one another,) but to everyone else we were. If not, we were sent to our rooms to 'think about it' when we got home. And I did. I decided really young to always be polite, always think of others first, and always treat people how you want to be treated. Holy crap,, people have no idea about any of that. I can't believe how different people and kids are right now. It really scares me when I see these little girls walking around with Coach bags, tight jeans, and enough lip gloss to hang your entire house with wallpaper. And the clothes. My God! I was happy with a pair of Levi's and navy suede clogs. (I didn't even carry a purse until I was much, much older.) I even remember the very first time I put on make-up. My family went to some hotel,(I can't remember what the occassion was,) and they left little care-packages for everyone, and the one for the girls had make-up in it. All I did was use this tanned face powder as eye shadow and I thought I was the bomb! Oh, and pink creme blush for lipstick. I probably looked like a clown, but I walked on air that night at dinner, and no one said a word. Funny how little things like that stick in your mind. The other day I overheard some father saying how his 16-year-old daughter was outside taking a picture of the car she wants for her 18th birthday,....I walked outside to go to my car, and there she was with a camera, taking a picture of a brand new Mercedes no less! Where does this entitlement come from? I didn't even know(or care) what the heck a Mercedes was when I was 16!!! I was just happy to have a car with A/C, that got me around, and I was damn happy,-end of story. (Granted, I had a close girlfriend that for her 16th b-day she got a Maserati, but the car looked so unassuming, I never looked or thought twice about it. And another family I was close with all three kids got De Loreans for their 16th.) Shoot, I got a 1972, gold, Dodge Dart, in perfect condition, and I was happy as a clam! Believe me, I was on top of the world. But wanting a Mercedes? Who are these kids? And how do you raise them like that? That is why the world is the way it is right now. These next few generations will really only care about themselves, and what status symbol they can show off with. Can't wait to see what happens with them, and how the world will end up with them as adults.(sarcasm)

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