Tuesday, July 28, 2009

All about nothing

Well, I have the next two days off, and it's going to be spent cleaning the house,spending time with the Big Man and playing with the kitties. Sometimes I know I don't realize how good I have it until you see someone else struggling,...ya know? I know I harp on this,-but everyday ya gotta be thankful,-everyday. So many people I see everyday struggling, and you'd never know it. That's a real, hard thing to deal with. I get very bitter sometimes and hate the world,...and people. It never ceases to amaze me how ugly people can be. (And I want to say especially down here in South Florida.) To me, So.FL. has made an ugly name for itself with people being rude, careless, and just plain obnoxious. But my husband gets on me about being so bitter, and cold to people. I want to move somewhere where we can have some land, and all the animals we can afford, and let them have a good life, and not deal with people. I'd love to start a shelter for dogs and cats,....something really nice for them to have a happy life. One day. Anyways,....first I have to make sure my mom is healthy again, and then we have the legal stuff to contend with. (So much fun I can't stand it.) And I really do miss writing on here, and I WILL BLOG alot more.(You'll see.) Anyhow, there is this person at work I want to help, but I don't want to step on any toes. I am trying so hard to put this thing into action to help her, but I'm not sure it will be welcome. I will keep ya in the know as it happens. I love to help someone who really needs it and will really benefit from it, and I think the world of this person,....so we will see. So,.....just teaching Monkey how to not climb our blinds,...she broke them playing with them, and my husband was a little upset, but I'm teaching her. All she has to do is hear "No", and she stops and walks right away. (Thank God.) She is such a sweetie. She naps right next to my husband in the same chair,....too cute seeing this tiny little kitty with this 260 lb., tattoo'd man with this cute fuzzy little kitten napping together on our rocket launcher chairs. See? Little things make me happy. Thats all I need.

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Little Ms Blogger said...

About your co-worker, ask if she needs your help, if she says no, well, just do something special for him/her (like flowers or bottle of wine).

A simple gesture goes a long way.