Wednesday, July 8, 2009

These are real ladies.

Today at work I saw one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen. She wasn't perfect, she wasn't the blond, blue-eyed, model, or anything. Just the regular everyday women,....she had this stunning platinum gray hair, she was nicely tanned, and these beautiful light brown eyes. Very elegant,....dressed nice,....but not overly-in-your-face-expensive, designer purse or jewelry was worn or flashed at me. She was someone I would want to look like in about 10 years or even now, I wouldn't care. Very impressed I was. Some women just have that 'look' that is really attractive and eye-catching. I've always loved how Diane Keaton looks, and Diane Sawyer, and Ellen Barkin, Gina Gershon,....these women are no spring-chickens,...but I think they are all stunning. You don't have to look like Pamela Anderson, of Angeling Jolie to be beautiful. I think the quiet stunners are better. Like the women above, and Jenifer Aniston,or Natalie Portman. They don't have to scream beautiful,...they do it very subtle,....and they always keep it classy. Always. And thats why I'll always be a lady, like my mom raised me to be. And if I'm lucky, I'll be just like one of these women who look and act gorgeous no matter what. Inside and out.

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