Friday, September 19, 2014

My latest eBay purchase!!!

So I'm making the best of a bad situation, like crazy. It takes my mind off of "stuff",-ya know? Like I always say,...if you have the patience and you do the research,....there are AWESOME DEALS on eBay to be had. I just got an AUTHENTIC Marc Jacobs black leather Stam bag,(originally $1300!!!) for slightly less than $200. Nice,- eh? Yea,'s barely used,....I've been hawking the auctions for the last 3 weeks, and this deal just happened to be ending, and I caught it at the right time. I cannot wait to get it. My next purchase that I've been eyeing is an YSL bag,-(even tho I have two already.) And I really, really want something in a Bordeaux colour,...I'm dieing for that colour,....and it has to be leather,....I'm going to keep searching,...and watching,....and waiting,......I'll keep ya posted on my finds.

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