Thursday, September 25, 2014

More "stuff"

Okay,....I finally got the picture of the Chanel flats I just won on EBay for $90!!! I can't wait to get them,....such classics. I tell ya if I ever win the lottery,...first store I go to is going to be Chanel, and I'm getting a BORDEAUX LEATHER, and a TURQUOISE LEATHER, AND some sorta TWEED 2.55 double flap jumbo reissue bag. One each,( NOT altogether.) Also the Chanel multi length pearl necklace,....and I'm set. Partly at least. LOL. I love classic stuff. The older I get,...the more classic things I like. My taste is really moving towards preppy classic simplistic styles. My husband HATES flat shoes, but you can't go wrong when you have these as backups when you need to take off heels after a long day or night. Right? And now that I'm doing cardio everyday,...(since I'm pre-diabetic,)~I HAVE to lose some weight,..and I have. All my clothes are looser, and I just feel better. I'm going to keep going. I can't imagine after a year of this, that I will still be heavy like this. I'd be happy fitting into a size 2 again, if possible. Anyways~ how boring am I? Weight loss talk? How ridiculous I'm becoming. The kittehs are good. Little Boo-boo is just the sweetest little boy,....and Munky is still the adorable lil girl she ever was. I ADORE them. I really, really do.Their daily antics is what keeps me smiling. I've become that woman who loves ALWAYS having a baby,..well I LOVE ALWAYS have a kitten in the house. It's a lot of work, but oh! the antics, and joy erases anything and everything else going on. Better than TV. (Not that I watch a ton of TV to begin with.) I rather be on the computer anyways. I have no patience if there is nothing on I want to watch. At least with the computer, you can control what you want to see all the time. SOOOOO,.......I'm just rambling now. *sorry* OK, hubby will be home from the doctor soon,  I guess I should go. I have a few other things I'm watching on EBay, so I will show them off if I win any of them. Signing off on a high note. Yay me!

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