Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I feel better now

Okay, so real quick. I'm not feeling 100% yet, but I'm getting there. Already back at work and it's killing me. Long hours, extra work, and all the aggravation that goes with it. Soooo,.....I got on eBay last night, and looking thru all my regular searches that I do for deals and steals on there, like I always tell you about. Low and behold, I come across a pair of black patent Manolo Blahniks, Compari mary janes!!! In. My. Size,-no less! AND,...AND,....for only $200. Yes, you heard me right,....only $200!!! on Buy It Now, and you know I did. I haven't gotten them yet, but I cannot wait. They are used, but not alot, and let me tell you,....I thought I would never own these shoes ever, after seeing them on Sex and the City. The episode where Carrie is working at Vogue and the lady boss berates her, and the male boss takes her under his wing, and they go into the Vogue 'closet' that they use for photo shoots, and have all the clothes and shoes they use, and Carrie finds these Manolo Blahniks, and says something like," I thought these were a shoe myth" and takes them and they are half a size too small and she stuffs her feet into them regardless and wears them. I was so in awe of those shoes, I swear I swooned. I SWOONED. Those are the king of all shoes to me, (and Carrie apparently too!) Can't wait to get 'em. Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait. Did I say I can't wait?

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