Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Another day

Soooo,.....still haven't gotten my shoes yet. Tomorrow. Today was a somewhat very uneventful, go-with-the-flow, day off. Kinda nice, pressure. Did some errands, came home, did some stuff around the house, and took the kittehs out for a walk and my hubby went to the gym. Now~I'm watching TV, and Chinese food is on the way for dinner. Maybe we'll watch a good movie or something. I love day's like this,....just very easygoing. Our whole life used to be like this,.....too bad about all the crap that happened, but one day I will get over it, and stop harping, and try to be somewhat normal. (I don't think that will happen tho until we move from here. Too many memories, and horrible episodes to remember. It's too hard not to.) It's funny, every day that I read the news or see it on TV, more and more cops from this exact police department are getting in trouble, and finally people are seeing just how corrupt they really are here. Not such an affluent area anymore, that's for sure. It sucks. This area has gone downhill fast and steady the last two years. I see it even more since I've been working, and let me tell ya,-it's NOT PRETTY. I'm counting the days til we move. We'll be like new people. You'll see. No. I'LL see.

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