Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Could've done it differently

Big plans of nothing for today, and I love it. Nothing. Ahhhh,....that's nice, and tomorrow too. I'm finally feeling somewhat normal again, and I'm back at work 100%, all good. Got my shoes from EBay,...and gawd, they are gorgeous and perfect, and I wanna put them under glass and just stare at them, and bask in there beauty. People are like that. Always attracted to the pretty, beautiful people. Even at work, people pick out what liquor they want sometimes,(mostly wines,) by the name and label on the bottle. How pretty or cute the names are. Weird. I couldn't care any less, I just want something to be good and worth it, I don't care how little or how much it is,(within reason.) Anyways~ still dreaming of the day we move from here. And the day I get a puppy, and another kitteh, and we can start living our lives again. I know I'm a broken record, but it's like being trapped in vault, and you can't do anything about it until someone opens it up. Trying to have fun with the little things in life. The kittehs, dinners at home,.....getting ready to watch the NHL playoffs,......seeing family when we can,.....etc. etc. etc.In other news here~ why do I always have to spout off about cops? Two days ago at work I was helping a customer at work, and my co-worker said something about him being a cop,...and I was so taken aback,..he's a real wisecracking, kinda, smart alec guy how I used to think was funny,- now- , NOT SO MUCH. He spends a lot of money, has lots of parties, drives a new Mercedes, and now I just plain don't get a good feeling about him. Makes me nervous even. I won't be helping him anymore, I will hand him off to someone else. I said so to his face even. I actually told him that I 'used to think you were pretty cool,-not so much now that I know you're a cop',.....he picked up his stuff and left without a word. I know I was wrong, and I know that it was very unprofessional to do that, but I can't lie and be nice and act like I'm okay when I'm not. I can't. My co-workers looked at me with their mouths dropped open to the floor. Someone else can make the commission and make money off of him, but it won't be me. At least I'll tell someone to their face and not behind their back. My husband says I'm too honest for my own good. Yeh,-maybe so. I guess I coulda handled it better and different. A lot of things coulda been handled differently, but that's how life is, - right?

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