Saturday, October 3, 2009

Yes, this is our house now. A storage unit!

Extremely rough week this past one. I feel like I've been hit by a Mac truck. I had a very comfortable, UNeventful ride home from my mom's. I came home to having to help my husband pack up our condo that we finally decided to rent out, and it took us some grueling days and nights. Alot of frustrations, fights, and fits were had,....but we did it, and now our house looks like a storage unit. Little Munky's room is so full,...she thinks it's new climbing toys for her! Funny, I don't remember accumulating all these clothes, shoes, and handbags. (My husband stopped counting at 500 pairs of shoes!) I really can't believe it. No more Ebay for me,....only to sell my stuff, which I am doing as I write this. I started with my jackets and a couple of pairs of shoes and will keep going from there. Yep. I definitelly have a shopping problem. NO MORE. I can't. I can't wait to get rid of this stuff, and get downsized. It will be cathartic. Anyways,....still having problems with Sugar and Munky. I think we might have to give Munky away tho. It will absolutely kill me, but we can't have Sugar not coming home for days because Munky is here. I wish we could do anything else but that, but I don't know of any other solution. I am beside myself. I've already made myself sick to my stomach just thinking of putting her in someone else's hands. We have to make Sugar a totally indoor kitty tho. He can't take being outside like he has been. It's just too much for him, I don't care how many families are loving/taking care of him. He is a nervous wreck everytime he comes here now, and it kills us to see him like that. We are so messed up right now.

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