Saturday, October 10, 2009

Please excuse my absence, was due to some extensive legal problems we have been dealing with and just became worse. I won't go into detail, but things took on a new troubling angle, and the pig-cops showed me a new low that they can stoop to. It never ceases to amaze me how low people/cops can be. I don't mean to sound this way, but I hate people more than ever after what I have been thru the last few days. I can't even tell you,'s no wonder I see such goodness in animals. Everyday I just want to move away and go somewhere that is just land and wild animals, and stay there. I can even say forget the malls, shopping, all the other stuff I love,....because I just can't deal with it. I thought I was at a breaking point before, you should see me now. We have decided we are going to have to move out of our beautiful home. We just can't stay here,...we will have the SWAT team and different police departments at our house whenever they feel like it,...and I just can't live like that. It is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard, and I wouldn't believe it if I wasn't going thru it, or if someone had told me. I will be keeping everything here packed up, and we already have a place in mind to buy once this house is sold. I can't wait already,....but I don't want to jinx it, so I will say as little as possible until it ends up being a done deal. At least it's something good to look foward to, that's all I gotta say.


Little Ms Blogger said...

I'm sorry things are not going well for you right now.

I hope they get better when you move.

angelsroy33 said...

Thank you as always. Everyone here as always been so wonderful to me. I just can't tell you what my husband and I have been thru. I know there are two sides to every story,but if you only knew, you'd understand how idiotic this situation has become. It's all I can do not to cry every day. Thank god for my kitties, and husband, and you guys here. Ya'll are very much appreciated,-let me tell ya.

merelyme said...