Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Kitteh dramas

I haven't been here in waaaayyy too long. I'm still severely depressed, and trying to climb my way out of it. I just started working-out again, and I'm trying to get my head back in the game. It's hard. How do people do this when things get to be too much? I just don't know how. I mean, like I've always said,...I know I'm way luckier than most,(financially,) and it's just me and my husband,....so why is it so damn hard? Life. I'm trying,...we're trying, but we are still just treading water. Ridiculous. It's just plain sad I tell ya. I'm Pinterest-ing my life away, and eBay-ing, and all the other stuff I love to do on the computer that I don't have to interact with people. I'm sitting here watching hockey,(Panthers and Penguins,) and my husband is at the gym,...and I already took Munky out for her walk. She had so much fun. She loves to just sit in the grass and feel the breeze and look around. She's so beautiful to watch. Sugar hasn't been by much because of the big mean tomcat that terrorizes the other kittehs here all the time. I'm so fed up with him. I NEED to find his owner and ask why he hasn't been fixed. He is a bully  and TERRORIZES everything in his path. It's sad. I have to take Munky for her walk with a water gun, my cellphone, and have both our front door and back door unlocked for quick getaways for Munky. She sees or hears him and she wants in. She wants no part of that little as*%&le beating her up again. I will not let him get his mitts on her ever again. Short of hurting him which I would never do to any animal,....I just have to prevent drama before it happens, and squirting him with a water gun is a start. Anyways,.....enough kitteh drama,...but that's all that's  going on in my life right now. Yep,....pretty damn boring.

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