Saturday, October 30, 2010

Thank god for Jamey Johnson and kittehs.

Well,......tomorrow night my husband and I and my SIL are going to see my FAVORITE country singer in concert. Jamey Johnson. I adore this man. His music is so old-school country. So different than anything that's out now or even played on any country radio station. Let me tell you,...I saw this guy right after he won his CMA award for Song of the Year, and he was the most gracious man, I was shocked beyond belief. He actually stayed more than a couple hours after the concert to meet fans, take pictures, sign autographs, etc. Nice, nice man. (Not to mention he's HOT. :) Anyhow~ tomorrow he'll be playing at a local club, and I am so excited I'm like a kid on Christmas. Sunday I will be volunteering for the no-kill cat shelter that I always help out with. They are having a big cat show, and adoptions. They will even have big cats, as in FL. panthers, and cougars. THAT is exciting to me. That makes me totally happy. That's a good time to me. Doesn't take much. I'll clean cat cages, or groom kittehs, or anything else they need me to do, to be around any of them for any length of time, believe me. Better than being around people thats for sure. That's the truth. Oh yeah, Happy Halloween.~ (What I like to call another so-called 'holiday' that is what I call 'amateur night'.)People suck.

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