Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mucking thru it

Here I am again,...back at it. I feel like this is my computer diary. Life has not been the greatest, but I'm mucking thru it all. Counting down the days til our life will go back to normal. Normal,...I can't even remember what that was. Seems like I've always been striving for something ahead. Always,...I remember when I bartended, and we bought the gym,....working two jobs back-to-back like that for five years straight was just annihilating. Couldn't wait to sell that business. Then we moved to the beach condo, was great again,...and then even that wained. Eventually our life was turned over again when one of our close friends killed himself, and my husband and I split up for two years, I moved out and bought a condo literally one block away, (you could even see my front door from the balcony!) Very weird time in our lives. My husband moved too from the condo and bought a house out west in a very nice neighborhood. We got back together two years later and moved into the house out west, and we rented out my condo across the street from the beach. (That beautiful penthouse sat empty for at least the next five years.)We couldn't wait to sell my condo and FINALLY this past year after owning that condo I bought when we briefly split, I FINALLY sold it, and NOT for a profit of any kind. Very sad. It was a beautiful place. I do miss it. This house was great until our big fiasco happened, now we are just getting thru it. Mucking thru our life day after day just waiting,.....

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