Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy freakin' Christmas. I really dislike, (to put it nicely,) Christmas. The presents, the malls, THE BRATTY-ASS KIDS, AND THEIR STUPID-ASS IGNORANT SO-CALLED PARENTS, the pressures of gift-giving,......ALL OF IT. I just can't take what it has become, it's like some freak side-show of sorts. The way people act, and treat other people never ceases to amaze me. I've been yelled at, cussed at, have things thrown at me, and have been called every name you can think of when working for the liquor company that I work for, and all I'm trying to do is HELP them get what they want. Can you imagine? I mean I know there is alot of pressure around 'the season', but I could NEVER be that way to someone who is just trying to fill an order for liquor and wine for your holiday party. Horrible, horrible people they are. The whole lot of them. This is why I would love to spend time at home with my kittys and husband than being around ANY people at all, because the whole lot of them can KISS MY ASS. Yes,....I'm as hateful as ever still, and more-so around this time of year. People are idiots even more and this time of year just magnifys it,....kinda like alcohol does to some idiotic jerk,....just makes it worse. So,......happy freakin' Christmas. I hate everyone as usual. Sorry to vent, but I just had to after the last week of work,..........animals are so much better than us people. They really are, and nothing anyone can ever do or say will ever change my mind. We should be the ones becoming extinct.

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